Dear Modellers,

For ordering the harbor tug SMIT JAPAN model parts please go here and follow the instructions below:

FJF Model Ships Harbor Tug SMIT JAPAN

Model Parts List V01 (01 2018) and Recommendation for optional Parts:

Identification of Parts
Please note that the parts required to build the model are numbered according to the following numbering schema:

Example Part Number: “HT087005”

2 Letter Product Name Abreviation: HT = Harbor Tug
3 Digit Scale ID: 087 = 3 digit Scale (i.e. 087 = 1/87, 100 = 1/100, 120 = 1/120, etc.)
3 Digit Part Number: 001 – 025 Part Number (see list below for details)

Example: HT087005 stands for the part: Harbor Tug Bridge Superstructure in Scale 1/87

Parts required to build the Model:
HT…001 Harbor Tug Hull V40 1:87
HT…002 Main Deck & Bullwark
HT…003 Main Deck Inlay
HT…004 Superstructure
HT…005 Bridge Superstructure (For an alternative way to construct the bridge windows, please chose HT…020 Basic Bridge + HT…021 Window Frames)
HT…006 Bridge Roof equipped
HT…007 Smoke Stacks/Exhausts
HT…008 Mast, complete
HT…009 Anchor Winch
HT…010 Tug Winch
HT…011 Tug Hook

Optional Parts:
HT…020 Basic Bridge (optional instead of HT087005 Bridge Superstructure; to be combined with HT087021 Window Frames)
HT…021 Window Frames (optional instead of HT087005 Bridge Superstructure; to be combined with HT087020 Basic Bridge)
HT…022 Access Hatch (normally not needed, optional replacement part)
HT…023 Flap Rudder (Main Blade) (optional for 1/100 or bigger)
HT…024 Flap Blade & T-Bolt (optional for 1/100 or bigger)
HT…025 Tiller for Flap Rudder (optional; suggested to use with HT…023)

Anchors can be purchased separately here:


Drive Shafts and Propellers:

If you would like to equip your model with drive shafts and propellers please follow the following recommendations:

M 1/50:
– Drive Shaft Diameter: 4 mm (M4)
– Stern Tube Diameter: 6mm; Length: min. 120 mm

M 1:75
– Drive Shaft Diameter: 3 mm (M3)
– Stern Tube Diameter: 5mm, Length: min. 80 mm

M 1:100:
– Drive Shaft Diameter: 2 mm (M2)
– Stern Tube Diameter: 4mm, Length: min. 60 mm

Drive Shafts can be purchased at (just to mention a few):

Models smaller than 1/100 can be equipped with a drive shaft only (without stern tube) as the model comes with supports and guiding pipes molded to the hull that can serve as the stern pipe (–> free running drive shaft). Make sure that the tubes are well oiled before each run in the water.

Recommended drive shaft diameters in smaller models are:
– M 1:144: 2.0 mm
– M 1:200: 1.5 mm


SMIT JAPAN uses two(!) 3 bladed propellers in reality. One turns left. The opposite propeller turns right.
Powerful electric motors may also be able to handle 4 bladed propellers for a little exra thrust.

Recommended Size for Propellers:

Model Scale: 1/100:
Propeller Diameter: 20 mm, by Raboesch
Can be purchased here:
or here:

Model Scale 1/75:
Propeller Diameter: max. 29 mm
A 3-bladed Propeller (diameter: 25mm) can be purchased here:
Right turn:
Left turn:

Propeller size for scale not mentioned here: Please check your preferred dealer for the perfectly fitting propeller set.